Unpaid Charges or Invoices, Contract Debts, Bounced Checks, Promissory Notes

A common, yet frequently misunderstood situation arises when a corporate check bounces. Somebody signed that check and the law of New York is that unless that person noted his title on the check, he or she is personally liable for it unless it is shown that the party trying to cash it knew that the signer worked for the company that bounced the check.

If somebody gave you a check as a favor for somebody else who owed you the money, and he or she bounced that check, they are probably not liable, at all.

Judgment can often be gotten on unpaid invoices with nothing more than proof that the customer who received them did not protest or object to them for at least 4½ months, the minimum required under New York law. In this day of email communications, it is easier than ever to get express or implicit admissions that there is no objection to an invoice.