Send me [1] all unpaid invoice(s) and a statement confirming the net amount due [2] any contract, signed or unsigned [3] any notes, letters or emails showing the responses to your efforts at getting payment, [4] any information of any dispute.  I will immediately confirm and get started right away!

If you believe that in the course of doing further business with the client during the next two years you could make up the disputed charge, do not sue.

I suggest at least 3 calls/emails and wait 2 weeks for a response.

Send the client a 10 day letter, stating that if they do not pay or call with payment arrangements in the next 10 days, you will have to refer the matter to your litigation counsel for immediate suit. At the end of the letter, or in the email, show a “cc: Amos Weinberg Esq.,”

Send me an email with their name and address. I’ll do a quick database search to see if they have any judgments against them. Free!

My specialty is the unique ability to get speedy results, often for the full amount, upon the legal papers I submit! Along with my letter or email acknowledging that I started the law suit, you get an affidavit for a summary judgment motion. There are no delays just because someone fights the suit. And, if I’m in the office, I answer the phone personally!

New York State comes out with soft cover books each week of all significant in-state legal opinions (“advance sheets”). I have not missed one of these since 1979 during which I have steadily built up my own library of summaries from all the opinions dealing with the law that I practice.

Besides harassing your debtor and creating ill will, the only thing that a collection agency can do is to threaten legal action. I bring the legal action immediately.


If You Think You’re Owed Money and Don’t Want to Pay a Lawyer