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A top contingent-fee collection attorney must be able to do the following:

  • Get on the phone immediately to evaluate the merits of even difficult cases quickly, accurately, and free of charge
  • Investigate the debtor
  • Know the quickest court in which to file suit
  • Draft a detailed summons and complaint that can be assured of enabling a default judgment without any court hearing, and that can further be assured of an immediate summary judgment motion in the event the action is defended
  • Avoid getting bogged down in delaying tactics while using pinpoint disclosure proceedings to unravel defenses, and keeping the pressure on the debtor at all times
  • Write detailed memoranda of law for the court, citing the latest cases, in minutes
  • Know the secrets of collecting judgments and how to pierce the corporate veil if a debtor's principal stockholder forms another corporation or entity
  • Do all of the above immediately, without any delay.

Amos Weinberg has had over 150 published decisions on his cases, collected over $60,000,000 for his clients and, whenever he's in the office, enjoys answering the telephone personally in order to solve your problems immediately.

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